Janet Jackson Turns 50 Today! Celebrate with Her Greatest Hits!

Singer and actress – Janet Jackson who was born 50 years ago today into a family dynasty that she cleverly crafted into her formidable career – started her journey as child star.

Born in Gary, Indiana on May 16, 1966 – Janet’s destiny had already been imprinted before her gorgeous arrival – all she had to do was pick up the mantle and keep it from weighing her down.


Decades later – it is a fact that Jackson’s triple threat status and global dominance has propelled her to heights unmatched.

Her concerts sell out in minutes, her ability to consistently top the charts never fails and nobody glides quite the way Ms. Jackson does.

From her memorably charged music videos in the eighties that displayed the vibrantly energetic climate of that deliciously excessive era to her female empowering anthems that led the way for others to follow – Janet Jackson may have been rejected numerous times for the honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – but to her die hard fans – she’s the best that ever was.

In honor of achieving yet another worthy milestone – it’s only fair to highlight the reasons why Janet Jackson’s Pleasure Principle will continue to give us reasons to be our perfect Escapade!