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Trendy TV Report: Naomi Campbell Joins Lee Daniels Hip-Hop Drama, ‘Empire’

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has spent majority of her career turning the global catwalk into her own personal playpen. She silently and effortlessly slid into her forties and is proving beyond a doubt that beauty only gets more refined with age.

Getting older is supposed to inspire wisdom and garnered experience and Campbell is clearly putting this theory to good use.


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Trendy Fashion Report: You May Not be as Fat as You Think – The Politics of Dress Sizes

Most women relish the thought of being able to finally squeeze into the size of their choice. The smaller the better of course, because that is proof that you are playing in the arena where the top dogs consistently dwell. To put it plainly, not only are we obsessed with staying forever young, but we also buy into the notion that anything above a size 2 is sacrilegious.


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