EgyptAir Plane Crash Likely Caused by Terror Attack as Wreckage is Spotted in Mediterranean Sea


The tragedy of EgyptAir Flight 804 is still being investigated as Greek authorities confirm the sightings of “floating material” including what appears to be parts of a plane seat and life jackets – emerging from the Mediterranean Sea – which has been estimated as the sight of the crash.


The Airbus A320 took off from Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport on Wednesday night and was headed to Cairo – but as soon as it made its approach into Egyptian airspace on Thursday morning – the aircraft abruptly dropped from radar.

The plane had 66 people on board – 56 passengers and 10 crew members – including an infant and a child.

The search for the missing plane has become a united effort as The U.S. has joined forces with the French and Greek authorities to track the missing wreckage, which has reportedly been found – but no other information has been provided.

Earlier on in the search – it was also reported that a distress signal from the missing plane’s built in alert system had been detected but that was later denied by the Egyptian authorities – according to The AFP news agency.

As the details filter in – there is every reason to believe that the rapid descent of a plane that seemed to be cruising at a normal altitude under ideal weather conditions – was less likely due to mechanical failure but more likely as a result of a terror attack.

Experts weighing in on this latest catastrophe to hit what has now become a season of turmoil for the aviation industry – have offered the possibility that the doomed airliner was brought down by a bomb.

There will be more updates as this story develops…

Update: Officials confirm that the wreckage spotted in the Mediterranean Sea isn’t from the missing plane.