Janet Jackson’s ‘Unbreakable’ Proves She’s the Classic Feminist with a Voice

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s can’t deny that it was a magical era in the realm of music. Every admissible genre thrived under expertly manipulated improvisation that never skipped a beat. From Depeche Mode to Kool & the Gang to Madonna – every generous helping of sound bites resonated in ways that are now being copied today. I mean let’s face it – where would Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga be without the invaluable template conducted by Madonna?


But there is one gem of an artist who has managed to escape the brutal hands of time despite the gaping landscape of an industry that is consistently populated with newer and lesser innovative acts. Janet Jackson, the youngest of a dynasty that spans decades never left the scene but her latest LP is the most heralded comeback in recent memory.

The woman who is more of a feminist than we give her credit for – thanks to ingrained hits like, “What Have You Done For Me Lately”, “Control”, and “You Want This”, is using her album of the moment Unbreakable to remind us of why she is basically a living legend who can’t be messed with.

Very much like her predecessor, the sexily militant Grace Jones – who is also enjoying the mass success of her comeback tour – Jackson has spent her entire career belting out tunes that desirably detail the complex joy that comes with being a “woman of independent means” while also calling out an institutions dedicated to eradicating the rights of the ones labeled “unfortunate” – remember the dopeness of “Rhythm Nation”. As black artists with crossover appeal – the height of their success has never deterred them away from the overall theme of sisterhood in the midst of all the bullshit that comes with navigating the consequences that come with being strong, opinionated, sexy and above all blatantly aware of the ferocious power they wield.

Being able to manage the torrents of adulation that flood her every turn is a skill Janet Jackson perfected way back in the day and of course the fact that she was surrounded by greatness from birth must have instinctively prepared her for the long and well paved road ahead. But aside from her assigned inheritance, it is clear that the singer/actress possesses a decent dose of disciple that can’t just be regulated to her starry dance moves in the “Pleasure Principle” video. This woman was always in it to win it and despite a few stumbles along the way – her climb to the top is a manifest of effortlessly conceived testimonies that only get even more hauntingly relevant as time passes by.

Unbreakable isn’t just amazing because Jackson makes it so – it’s really a raw rendition of her best work updated to soothe her long-standing fans and stirringly educate those who haven’t yet considered the appeal of one of the most prolific artists of our time. Every track is achingly truthful in delivery without any residue of the current climate that seems to force old timers to relinquish some of what made their initial discovery palatable.

Jackson has always been in love with her art and if you’ve ever seen her live – you know exactly what that means. Not many things in life are certain but what we can always count on is that Janet Jackson will deliver her best and we will absolutely love it.

Years later her awesomeness continues…