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Plastic Surgeons Weigh In: N.Y. Women Want Real, L.A. Women Want Fake

According to recent a piece in the Hollywood Reporter, there is a distinct difference between what women over 40 desire based on which coast they reside in. Author Merle Ginsberg picked the brains (no pun intended) of a handful of plastic surgeons and dermatologists, who are presumably some of the best in their field, and the consensus basically points at the fact that New York women don’t mind looking their age while women from L.A. are terrified and want their predicament drastically rectified.

bigpreview_Nip Tuck

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Why the Astronomical Success of Furious 7 Should be the Blueprint for Hollywood

Universal Studios asked Paul Walker what he wanted to do next after he proved his worth by eclipsing the star power of designated ingenue, Joshua Jackson in The Skulls. It was obvious that Walker, who by then had paid his dues as a child actor, was a million dollar baby, and the studio honchos were desperate to propel their latest discovery.


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