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Trendy Film Report: Hollywood and the Religious Tidal Wave

2014 is shaping up to be a year devoted to biblical heroes. It’s hard to ignore the trending films being doled out of Hollywood and the titles definitely signal a surge in stories that celebrate the classic renderings that any devoted Christian would appreciate. Big name stars and famed directors are helping to propel the message of God in a way that coerces our attention and leaves us wondering what inspired this sudden appeal for all things biblical.

Son of God


Son of God starring relatively unknown Diogo Morgado as Jesus Christ is leading the charge. Christopher Spencer, an under the radar talent, directs. The film is jointly produced by television producer extraordinaire, Mark Burnett, whose impressive roster includes powerhouses like Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice and The Voice, and his wife, actress Roma Downey of Touched by an Angel fame who plays The Virgin Mary.   The general consensus seems to hinge on the fact that this is a film marketed to an audience that are well versed in the workings of the bible as it pertains to the life of Jesus Christ, and don’t mind being greeted with a story that presents nothing new or revolutionary. It’s a play-by-play replication of the basics, and for some that might be wearily redundant.

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Trendy Report: Four Questions with Publicist and Tech Enthusiast Amanda Spann

Amanda Spann is a trailblazer in a field that isn’t necessarily brimming with people of color. The Florida State University and Georgetown graduate  has been recognized for her particular brand of genius, thanks to the accolades she has received based on her passion and ability to engage her community in an industry that desperately needs to be flourished with diversity.

Amanda Spann Headshot

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