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Trendy Report: A Tribute to Renowned Poet Kofi Awoonor


An exerpt from Kofi Awoonor’s poem – This Earth, My Brother

Within the airwaves we carry

Our hutted entrails; and we pray

Shrieks abandoned by lonely road-sides

as the gunmen’s boots tramp.

I lift up the chalice of hyssop and tears

to touch the lips of the thirsty

sky-wailing in a million spires

of hate and death; we pray

bearing the single hope to shine

burnishing in the destiny of my race

that glinting sword of salvation

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The ongoing chaos crippling Nairobi and captivating the world is a tragic affair that has presented a roster of victims, each with a litany of accomplishments and badges of selfless service that spans the global realm.


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Trendy Notes: Four Questions with Photographers Edward Hillel and Isaac Diggs


Formerly from Montreal and Paris, Edward Hillel is a proud inhabitant of Harlem, New York and his exuberant passion is practically laced in every project he undertakes. He is an artist who indulges in the vulnerability that comes with juxtaposing the raw incarnations with heightened beauty.


Photographers Edward Hillel (R) and Isaac Diggs (L)

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