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Toronto Film Festival 2016 Will Highlight Meteoric Rise of Nollywood

The global appeal of Nollywood has been vastly evident in the industry’s ability to stay loyal to a formula that relies on the spiciness of over-the-top dramatics and Shakespearean fodder to maintain a loyal following while also garnering increasing attention from the expansive industry.

The Toronto Film Festival has announced that this coming September – Nollywood will be the target of choice as filmmakers from Lagos, Nigeria – the hub of all the cinematic magic will be invited to participate in the festival’s City to City showcase.


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All We Got From The State of the Union Address is that Obama is not Coming Back

The stages of grief have begun. While watching President Obama — the first black man ever to occupy The White House as Commander-In-Chief — I felt a surge of panic overtake me.

I was sweaty, breathless but surprisingly not disorientated which ruled out my initial diagnosis of a possible panic attack.

No, I was actually freaking out. Hours later — I’m still freaking out as I ponder a future without Barack Hussein Obama II — son of a Kenyan father and an American mother.

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Janet Jackson’s ‘Unbreakable’ Proves She’s the Classic Feminist with a Voice

Anyone who grew up in the 80’s can’t deny that it was a magical era in the realm of music. Every admissible genre thrived under expertly manipulated improvisation that never skipped a beat. From Depeche Mode to Kool & the Gang to Madonna – every generous helping of sound bites resonated in ways that are now being copied today. I mean let’s face it – where would Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga be without the invaluable template conducted by Madonna?


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