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Trendy Fashion Report: We are Springing for Prints, Stripes and Everything Nice!


Now that the days are longer and the nights shorter we are delightfully anticipating budding daffodils and garden parties drowning in lush greenery.

There is so much to look forward to this spring and to celebrate we have dutifully selected some items that theatrically highlight the vibrant trends that dominated the runways last September.

Stretch Matte Satin Printed Dress – H&M – $49.95




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Trendy Fashion Report: The Wonder of Peplum


I really enjoy diagnosing the trends of the season, mainly because it gives me an opportunity to SHOP until I literally drop which may not be such a good thing but STILL! I can’t help indulging my senses as well as my lack of self-control, all in the name of painstakingly indentifying the headliners dominating the global lookbook.

Marry the Night in this sparkly confection from Topshop – $130

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