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James Franco, French Montana and More Make Our List of Over-Hyped Celebs of 2014

So the year is coming to an end and we have been privy to the good, the bad and the over-hyped.

As always we were subjected to that batch of celebs that for whatever reason have the ability to dominate the social landscape without showing any signs of retirement.

Here is our list of over-rated celebs that may posses the fame and fortune but lack the validity required for their over-hyped status:


Taylor Swift – She is adorable that is true and her music serves a cute portion of the population but from where we are standing, this Princess of Pop doesn’t have the charisma needed to make her the “Tourism Ambassador of New York” or any of the other assigned honors she seems to be racking up daily. Her talent is passable but far from impressive or innovative. We hate to admit it but the only thing exciting about Swift is…. (We are still working on this)

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