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Lady Gaga To Get The Presidential Treatment at Oscars 2016

Lady Gaga is certainly starting off the year with a bang. After a slew of stunning appearances that include a gorgeous rendition of the national anthem at Super Bowl 50 and the vividly magnificent tribute to late icon David Bowie at The Grammys, (Bowie’s son reportedly hated it but we think she rocked it OUT), the singer/actress who once sashayed down the red carpet covered in slabs of raw meat, is now scheduled for another high honor at the biggest party of the year.

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A Bunch of Actresses, Including Queen Latifah, Jessica Chastain Spearheading New Production Company

The issue of diversity in Hollywood has pretty much become a dominant topic of discussion in 2016, despite the fact this isn’t necessarily a recent development. But for reasons that could be rooted in the stimulus of social media – there has been a continuum which has led to an active need by members of the privileged community to put actions behind their words.

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