2016 TV Upfront News: Fox Unleashes Trailer for ‘Lethal Weapon’


A TV remake of the blockbuster franchise – Lethal Weapon – that starred Danny Glover and Mel Gibson as mismatched cops storming the streets of LA to propel law and order is heading to the small screen.


During the 2016 Fox Upfront Presentation event on Monday in New York City – the official trailer of Lethal Weapon starring Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford was unveiled – and it looks like the magic that was shared by Glover and Gibson on the big screen has been entertainingly captured by Wayans and Crawford.

Based on the trailer both actors evidently took notes from their predecessors as they seamlessly re-create the conflict in personalities that drove the complicated relationship between the veteran policeman and his unpredictably hardheaded partner.

The show also features Fast and Furious star – Jordana Brewster.

Check out the sneak peak below!