Trendy Beauty Report: Beyonce’s Hairvolution Sets off a Chain Reaction


Beyonce has dominated the blogosphere with her latest contribution to the world of all things FAB – her newly shorn tresses, immaculately executed to reveal the latest sensation – the chicly divine bob.




Now that summer is sadly winding down, it’s definitely time to ponder the next move in our constantly evolving beauty routine so it’s

Perhaps it will benefit us to take out cue from Beyonce, and Shailene Woodley who have both embraced the growing trend that is sure to be absorbed by fashionistas across the board.



Fall is an awesome time to become adventurous and discover new territory without sacrificing your sense of self. A new haircut is sometimes the best option when stuck in a rut and the bob never fails to impress simply because it suits almost every face shape. The key is to settle on a length that enhances your features – a choppy shorter blunt cut works great for rounder and heart-shaped frames while a sleek mid-length model adequately suits longer frames.

Bear in mind that this particular style will also add a spice of effortless glam to your upcoming wardrobe; turtlenecks, mock necks, and cowl necks will become your most prized possessions and paired with the right choice of accessories, you might just realize your signature look!

Not to mention that it’s seductively low maintenance, all you need to spruce up is the right choice of hair products.

Be sure to elicit the assistance of a trusted hair artist before embarking on any ambitious project that involves your beloved tresses. Don’t attempt this look at home! Once the template has been expertly carved out, you can follow through with your personal implementations, but remember to always keep it fresh and youthful!