Trendy Report: Iman Instigates Boycotting Major Fashion Brands


Iman has definitely experienced a level of longevity and respect that is almost staggering especially when you consider the unforgiving industry she has been immersed in for three decades.



The fashion industry has always had a very complicated relationship with minorities and “ethnic” types and despite the enviable success of models like Iman, Beverly Johnson, Naomi Sims, Bethann Hardison, and Naomi Campbell, the climate is presently disturbingly chilly.

All the referenced models became mascots for the decade of their discovery and admittedly back then it seemed adequate given the racial tensions of those times. But the progression of years was supposed to open the door wider, allowing for a parade of black models to help pepper the global runways. But unfortunately that hasn’t manifested, what is transpiring instead are fashion houses wooing a very limited supply of models of color and Iman is not taking it anymore.

The globally recognized entrepreneur and spouse of the still amazing David Bowie doesn’t need to make public declarations to remain relevant so it’s clear her discontent is coming from the heart. In response to the blatant ignorance practiced by fashion brands when it comes to the sparse utilization of black models, Iman has called for a boycott.  The intent is to get their undivided attention amid the various distractions at their disposal. She explains, “It feels to me like the times need a real hard line drawn like in the Sixties, by saying if you don’t use black models, then we boycott. If you engage the social media trust me, it will hurt them in their pockets. If you take it out there, they will feel the uproar.”

It certainly sounds like a noble cause and supremely timely given the fact that fashion week is merely a few weeks away. Whether or not there will be a strong reaction to Iman’s crusade remains to be seen but it’s definitely a haunting reminder that the times haven’t changed that much. There were surprisingly fewer black models on the catwalk in 2013 compared to 2012, which proves the dreaded racial divide is vastly eroding the fashion industry.

And that’s a realization that doesn’t fit any body type!