Trailer for ‘Birth of a Nation’ Is Officially Here!

Fox Searchlight has finally unleashed the trailer for one of the most anticipated movies of the year – The Birth of a Nation.

The film recently made a huge splash CinemaCon after a dazzling reception at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.


The star of the film, Nate Parker who walked away with the CinemaCon breakthrough director of the year award took considerable time off to focus on the project of his lifetime.

Parker wrote, directed, and produced the film about the 1831 slave rebellion that was orchestrated by Nat Turner, an educated slave initially commissioned by his owner Samuel Turner played by Armie Hammer, to be a traveling preacher – tasked with the job of disciplining slaves that were considered aggressive. But after witnessing the inhumane treatment being levied on them he inspiringly leads a brutally violent revolution in an effort to secure his release and the freedom of other slaves.

The ambitious marketing of Birth of a Nation has been a rousing success as it maintains its stance as the critical darling of 2016, since its public debut – and the mass and industry appeal continues to propel it to heights of recognition.

Fox Searchlight secured rights to the film for the whopping price of $17.5 million – making it the biggest deal ever at Sundance.

There is also every indication that it’s Oct. 7 release date was strategically planned for the benefit of awards season as all the major buzz should guarantee a slew of Oscar nominations.

The film also stars Cand Gabrielle Union.