Trendy Pop: Kickstarter Comes to Spike Lee’s Defense Amid Roaring Criticism


Filmmaker Spike Lee is under attack from critics who don’t understand why he decided to utilize the benefits of film engine motivator Kickstarter to finance his latest venture.


It is quite understandable that there would be a level of discontentment and confusion considering the fact that Kickstarter was baptized with a mission statement that promises to elevate creatively sound projects that explicitly qualify for support based on the nature of their fidelity to opportune excellence. But it was assumed that the qualifiers would be financially strapped talents who desperately need the exposure and financial banking to jump-start their projects.

So this is where it gets dicey for Lee, who as an accomplished Hollywood director and founder of his own production company, 40 Acres and a Mule, has clearly enjoyed an illustrious and respectable career that has spanned decades and produced some of the most endearing films of our time.

So why on earth would Spike Lee commission the influence of Kickstarter when he is in the enviable position of being able to navigate his way through the maze of moviemaking semantics? He finally answered the stone throwers by explaining that his well staged liaison has successfully initiated a level of interest, especially among people of color, some of whom were unaware of this particular resource.

Kickstarter also reiterated Lee’s testimony by emphasizing the fact that they function through a collaborative process that benefits all parties involved, the backers are adequately rewarded for their generosity, and every legitimate filmmaker has access to this outlet; even the ones who have directed the best in the industry.

The company also expressed enthusiasm over the fact that they have noticed a significant increase in traffic thanks to Spike Lee’s presence, 47% of his backers had never backed a Kickstarter project before and so far $21 million has been allotted to filmmakers who don’t share Lee’s industry prominence.

Expectedly, Lee did reach his goal by raising $1.35 million so far, and whether or not you agree with Lee’s strategy, the fact The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint is about a people who are addicted to blood, proves that this is a  worthy investment!