Met Gala 2016: Chaos and Glow-In-The-Dark Dresses Collide for an Uneven Outing

The Met Gala 2016 – staged its annual extravaganza Monday night with a theme that was supposed to evoke the merging of tech and fancy gowns but the explosion on the carpet of arrivals showcased a confusing parade of almost nauseatingly chaotic fare.

It was a clear indicator that the fashion industry is in dire straits and perhaps needs to hit the reset button back to the gleefully adventurous era of the 90’s and early 2000’s when the rulebook was strictly regulated to Supermodels who had earned their stripes.

Claire Danes in the “dress of the night” – by Zac Posen


As opposed to reality stars with millions of followers who have replaced the magical process of girls being discovered unawares.

Even the grand dame herself – Anna Wintour – underwhelmed in her charming but uninspiring ensemble.

But most of the staging was a ghastly affair as each outfit reeked of creative desperation and downright stupidity – case in point – Sarah Jessica Parker – who looked like she was auditioning to be one of The Three Musketeers. Her failed attempt at paying homage to the Broadway hit musical Hamilton was a stunning misstep.

Sarah Jessica Parker misfires in Monse


But – it wasn’t all horrible – despite the mass of emaciated and wilted flowers. There was – thankfully a healthy flow of winners.

Solange Knowles arrived in a yellow confection that we all assumed was a salute to her big sister’s biblical offering – Lemonade. The singer in her own right was stunningly perfect from her head to her futuristic footwear.

Solange glows in her “Lemonade-inspired” ensemble


Lady Gaga also lived up to expectations by showing up in a sparkly metallic leotard with an equally amped up jacket and the kind of heels that are made to scour the moon and back.

Lady Gaga devours the scene in Atelier Versace


Not far behind was the divinely embodied Queen of Perfection. Madonna as usual proved why her reign won’t be over anytime soon. Never one to leave anything to the imagination – her black outfit of choice was patterned to champion her best features.

Madonna gives the sexiest pose of the night in Givenchy Haute Couture


Actress Claire Danes, perhaps captured the assignment of the night the best as she sashayed in a gown that lit up the night. Literally.

The winner has to be Queen Bey – who took time out of her Formation World Tour to attend and her arrival, which came at the very end, was the grand finale we all deserved. Aside from her gorgeously body-hugging gown – her million dollar smile gave away the secret joy of what it feels like to Rule the World.

Beyonce shuts it down in Givenchy Haute Couture


It may have been the party of the year but the major takeaway hinges on the fact that the fashion industry at large needs a major intervention.

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