Trendy Fashion Report: Givenchy Branches into Elegant Timepieces


Riccardo Tisci has had quite a star to the New Year; his manifesto has included a gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, staging immaculate grooming for Ravel’s Bolero at the Opera Garnier in Paris, and for superstars like Beyonce and Rihanna.



Not to mention being the lead curator for the looks that dominated the red carpet for this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Being a genius can take its toll but Tisci isn’t allowing his creatively chaotic schedule to muddle his plans for healthy expansion and experimentation.

So in order to accommodate all the fabulousness in store, Givenchy’s resident mastermind has decided to step back from the world of couture in order to embrace a newly minted project that will definitely keep his constituents on time.

Givenchy watches geared towards both sexes will now be available in variations of splendor and decked out in functionally fancy fare.

In order to effortlessly indulge you have to be able to dish out between $770 and $890 when you visit your neighborhood retailer, which could include Colette in Paris, Barneys New York in New York and Beverly Hills or Selfridges in London to name a few. You can also navigate your way through select Givenchy stores once distribution expands this September.

Being on time can be challenging but now we have the perfect incentive and accessory to inspire us.

Check out the “Seventeen” collection from Givenchy: