Trendy TV Report: Israel’s Me’usharot Joins the Real Housewives Fold


Well it was only a matter of time before the corners of the earth would converge to create one big happy Reality TV universe.



Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise seems to be spreading its tentacles beyond the national scene due to it’s salaciously inclined content and gratifying delivery of the good, the bad and the gorgeous swimming in pools of controversy.

It’s only natural that other countries adapt to this creative mayhem and catch the virus before a cure is found.

Israel’s Channel 10 is now the breeding ground for Me’usharot – their version of The Real Housewives, and this cast of socialites reportedly could make the Beverly Hill teamsters feel disturbingly inadequate due to the impressive financial quotient distributed floating around. Their ages range from 26 to 55 and the common denominator is dripping wealth and privilege.

But there is an equation to this formula that differs slightly from the American format – director Orna Ben Dor, who is also a respected award-winning documentary filmmaker, has decided to spice up the show with male counterparts perhaps to help stimulate the fully charged climate.

Bravo’s golden ticket and VP of talent and development, Andy Cohen isn’t sold on the idea of having a mixed cast, sighting how it instantly changes the dynamics and produces a completely different show.

He probably isn’t thrilled with Ben Dor’s criticism of his successful gems; she vocally expressed her disdain for the outlandishness on display when she views the American outlets.

Take heart Andy – Imitation is the highest form of flattery!