Trendy Film Report: Dueling Bond Movie Posters!


Skyfall, the newest installment in the James Bond vault of gems is being prepped for the publicity season.

We now have the two posters that have been recently unveiled as proof that the games have officially started! It’s time to take notice and gear up for the onslaught of a wintry blast of peak performance theatrics from all the major studios.

But for now, we will focus our attention on the legendary British secret agent, who has spent 50 years defending Her Majesty’s impenetrable kingdom, while also penetrating a global array of distressed damsels. All this without a hair out of place or a wrinkle in his sleekly lined suit.

Our task at hand is to decide which of these two posters accurately illustrate the man behind the shaken not stirred dry martini.

We think the British version wins! That’s the classic mug shut we have grown to love and lust, plus, Daniel Craig looks fetchingly lethal!

What do you think?

British Version


American Version