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Dr. Luke Squashes Kesha’s Previously Approved Billboard Awards Performance


Things are not getting better for embattled singer Kesha as she is once again confronted with another setback in her fight for freedom from the clutches Dr. Lukes’s record label – Kemosabe Records.

The saga between the artist and the producer has been playing out in the public eye ever since the singer accused the hit maker of sexual abuse.


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Baby Onboard! Bridget Jones is Back!

The last time we saw Bridget Jones (Renee Zellweger), more than a decade ago – she was riding off into the sunset with her dashing gent, Mark Darcy (Colin Firth).
But it looks like as with everything in life, nothing seems to last forever. Fast forward to the present and we are reuniting with the beloved character who is not only expecting a baby at the age of 43 – but is also caught in the chaos of “baby daddy” drama.

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Cover Trends: ‘Felicity’, ‘Bring It On’ and ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Resurrected For Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly is going back in time and if you can believe it the 90’s can now be categorized as the ultimate “time warp”.

Seems like just yesterday when Cheers was the show of the moment and Wilson Phillips captivated us with their chart topping hit – Hold On. The year that ushered in these treats was 1990 – the same year that birthed the top entertainment magazine in the industry.


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Trendy TV Report: Syfy’s Sharknado is Back for a Rippin’ Good Time!

Who would have guessed that Sharknado,  a TV show about tornados filled with hungry man-eating sharks terrorizing LaLa Land would appeal to the masses? Even after downing an impressive number of tequila shots, I still wouldn’t have been inclined to believe that such a concept would garner a healthy following. First off, the idea of sharks twirling with mercilessly erupted tornadoes has disaster plastered all over it.


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