Here’s How to Blast Your Way to the Screening of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

The recent release of the explosive poster for the most anticipated movie in recent memory – Star Wars: The Force Awakens is gearing up fans that can’t wait to either be reunited with their beloved star-crossed characters or newbies who are ready to discover the magical realm of a saga that has spanned decades.


A global event of this magnitude will require adequate planning in order to guarantee you won’t be left pining for access while others seamlessly filter past you to partake in the unquenchable excitement.

It was announced that after the hyped up trailer in its entirety makes its debut on Monday night during ESPN’s Monday Night Football (around 10 p.m. ET), advance tickets will be  available for purchase worldwide, which is no coincidence since both Lucasfilm and ESPN are operated by Disney.

For those who dwell on this side of the pond. There are some guidelines you need to follow in order successfully field the upcoming chaos that is about to make landfall.

The Hollywood Reporter has unleashed a comprehensive list of options that should smoothen your navigation skills as you prepare to be blasted into a galaxy far, far away.

On the top of the list is to remember to maximize the resources available on the web. You can buy tickets through Fandango and or any other websites that offer those services.

Cinema owners have already gotten the heads up from Lucasfilm and Disney that tickets would go on sale on Oct. 19 – so they should be working on preparations to receive the onslaught of heavy traffic.

There are more tips on how to avoid being left behind in the race for the stars – click here for access.