Trendy Fashion Report: Milan Fashion Week – Prada Spring 2013


Miuccia Prada has always understood the unspoken complexities that surround the enigma of womanhood. She has historically paid homage to all the desirably emphatic women, who yearn for utter domination, under and above the sheets.


Her latest offering is a true testimony to how much Prada comprehends the relevance of supple style. The blueprints were potent in their delivery, with splashes of Asian influences and overtly sensual diversions. It was a healthy blend of beautifully temperate pieces that summoned a ritually defined silhouette, plastered with fantastical imaginings.

The collection as a whole was a deep-rooted lesson in the fundamentals of looking as good as you feel, without comprising your ideals or corporate persuasions.

The showing could definitely be a contender for a Bond Girl in training, and that’s exactly why a girl should never stop dreaming or exacting her inner most desires. You can be anything or anyone when you step into the cyclic world of Prada.