Cover Trends: Beyonce Gets Physical For ELLE UK and Talks Feminism, Ivy Park and Body Image

Beyonce continues to illustrate why she is appropriately titled Queen Bey by her bevy of behives who propel her to the heights she deserves.

In the May issue of ELLE UK, Blue Ivy’s proud mama looks gorgeously relaxed as she douses the cover in athletic mode – donning the pieces from her most recent venture – Ivy Park.


It’s clear that her appeal comes in the recognition that she makes no apologies for the choices she makes and in fact celebrates them in the form of a stunning music video that captivated the world and reminded us why being the “baddest chick in the game” requires a certain level of requited novelty.

Nude selfies are so 2016 – Jay Z’s partner in crime is all about the years to come but for now – we will settle for the imminent possibility of a long-awaited LP, her upcoming Formation Tour and the launch of her lifestyle brand – Ivy Park – inspired by her baby girl and her production hub – Parkwood Entertainment.

The personalized ad for Ivy Park is a tribute to women who understand and enjoy the power that comes with manipulating your body in order to achieve the ultimate goal of health, embodiment and balance. But you must look awesome while in Formation and her new line of exercise wear is dope enough to force us off the couch and into the mechanisms of pilates or outdoor activities.

Precious Blue Ivy is also featured assisting her mother in her quest for perfection, which isn’t necessary because that has already been achieved.

Beyonce also gets to flex her thoughts as she discusses the impact of her ongoing legacy and why women should demand the best of everything – including the right and freedom to be respectfully acknowledged for their bodies and souls.

Click here for more on Queen Bey’s delightful sermon and check out the official video launch of Ivy Park below!