The Kardashians Killed Kanye West and Gave Life to ‘Pablo’

Kanye West celebrated his much-hyped LP The Life of Pablo at Madison Square Garden on Thursday – surrounded by fan fare and the support of his Klan that helped usher in a new era in the life he once embodied and the one he is welcoming.


Many have described the event as an epic affair, which makes sense given the high-brow masses that gathered to hear Yeezus dispel his brand of professed bravado.

The usual suspects who trooped to see and be seen during the season of pomp and circumstance fulfilled their obligations. The models decked out in what can only be described as bunker-inspired garments populated the stage and sported knowing expressions that were obviously guided by instructions to remain neutrally cool.

The sedately decadent venue was awash with and planetary glow that symbolized the themes of futuristic and biblical entanglements as the tracks from The Life of Pablo descended and filtered through the lobes of gatherers.

But even amid the sightings of the past and present – anchored by the likes of Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell, Veronica Webb, Lil Kim, 50 Cent and the new kids on the block, there was a level of holiness that surpassed the giants in the room.


Kanye’s newest invention like his past offerings didn’t disappoint but didn’t really inspire either. It was everything that was expected with slices of controversy salted in for good measure.

Taylor Swift was highlighted as a potential fuck buddy because of the role he played in her discovery a la the time he stormed the stage and dimmed her moment in the spotlight, which ended up extending that moment indefinitely.

Ray J also got a shout out via his discovery of the woman that would end up being Mrs. West which happened because Mr. West is richer and more powerful and thus, can get whatever and whoever he wants.

But even Yeezus, in all his prophetic glory couldn’t avoid being upstaged by The Kardashian/Jenner powerhouse who definitely stole the show and proudly surveyed the evidence of their massacre.

However Kimye came to be – there is very little doubt that the gods ordained it. There couldn’t have been a ‘Pablo” without the thrusting of each of their DNAs to produce what can only be summarized as the most polarizing freak show ever imagined.

Decked out in furry confections with shiny gems emanating from hidden pores, the Klan glided in and out of their seats with noted nobility.

The scene belonged to them and the warrior they created through no fault of their own.

When all is said and done, Kanye West died the moment he became a Kardashian. What emerged is recognizable but definitely not what we bargained for.

He is now one of them. We either accept it or dismiss it but we can’t judge. That would go against the teachings of the Almighty Yeezus.