Dr. Dre To Star and Produce First Ever Scripted Series For Apple

Dr. Dre and Apple are about to take on a project that will likely catapult their already fruitful working relationship into the stratosphere.
It has been confirmed that the rap veteran and mogul is venturing into original programming by collaborating with music video Paul Hunter – the genius behind some of the most prolific gems dating back to the 90’s, to dole out a six-episode, half-hour show that he will also star in and executive produce.

Vital Signs will be Apple’s first ever plunge into scripted TV and it reportedly is based on the life of Dre whose real name is Andre Young – the dark drama will also be polarized with torrents of sex and violence.
Filming has already commenced in Los Angeles and sources on set describe some of the scenes as provocative with one in particular showcasing an orgy – as nude extras were instructed to simulate sexual acts. Apparently, Dre’s wife, Nicole Young was spotted getting comfy on set – perhaps to keep a close eye on things or “someone”.
It isn’t clear which platform Apple will choose for their latest development but Apple Music will most likely be the distributor. Neither Apple or Dre have divulged any additional information.
This isn’t the first partnership between the LA native and the technology giant as evidenced through the massive profit that was amassed when Dre and partner Jimmy Iovine sold Beats Electronics to Apple for a whopping $3 billion. Dre also presented Iovine with his idea for Vital Signs which could explain how it quickly found its new home.
This exploratory venture for Apple, signals the company’s need to join the highly competitive landscape that streaming giant, Netflix is currently dominating. Only time will tell if the two heavyweights will collide once they inch closer to equal footing.
In the meantime, Dr. Dre is proving to be a formidable force in an industry that is continuously evolving with him maintaining his enviable momentum. Aside from this latest coup, he also executive produced last year’s critically-acclaimed blockbuster from Universal, Straight Outta Compton – another offering based on his rap career which began with the group, N.W.A.
It is also worthy to note that Robert Munic who is the co-executive producer and writer of Fox’s hit show, Empire – has been tapped to script Vital Signs.
This could definitely be one to watch for in the months to come.