Mitt Romney Bows Out of 2016 Presidential Bid

Looks like former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is finally ready to give up on the dream of occupying the White House. After a strenuous and unsuccessful campaign the last time out – it is no surprise that he is ready to hang it up.


After weeks of initiating the process of lobbying and networking, Romney relayed to his donors and supporters on Friday that he is actually not going to run for president in 2016.

His comments which were delivered by conservative radio host, Hugh Hewitt, gives the impression that Romney is aware of the fact that after multiple attempts, his chances of striking gold are slim to none. “After putting considerable thought into making another run for president. I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee”.

Romney set up a conference call on Thursday to update his supporters and team about his decision. During the call, Romney communicated his assurance that he would have won the Republican nomination but the road to the presidency would have been “a difficult test and a hard fight”. He also expressed his unwavering belief that stepping aside for another promising Republican won’t hamper the GOP’s chances of defeating formidable opponent Hillary Clinton.

The focus of Romney’s message seemed staged to herald the new replacing the old and musty, as he championed the fact that the next generation of Republicans will undoubtedly help steer the party’s future and reignite the fire that has been almost extinguished thanks to the lackluster rhetoric that has failed to energize voters.

Romney also met with former Florida Governor Jeb Bush last week but it isn’t confirmed whether or not he will lend his support to the supposedly much smarter Bush sibling.

Romney’s decision to relinquish his quest for the presidency is definitely a smart move considering his disastrous campaign against President Obama. He was unable to brush off his privileged covering and came across as an insincere corporate raider who was trying a little too hard to present an image that he couldn’t identify with – all in an attempt to secure a position he felt he deserved.

As entertaining as it would have been to watch him try to make up for his past mistakes, we can’t disagree with Romney’s desire to remain on the sidelines indefinitely.