You Can’t Name Your Child Nutella If You Live in France

It is official! If you dwell in France and you happen to have the irresistible urge to name your kid after you favorite hazelnut spread – Nutella, you will not be able to make that happen because the French courts have succeeded in making that an impossibility.


Parents of a baby girl who were hoping to christen their child Nutella were ordered to try the name Ella instead. The decision was based on the fact that the name Nutella is an assigned trademark and as such it has the potential to cause the child years of grief from teasing not to mention bouts of self-esteem issues.

It may seem quite invasive to have the court system revoke your right to name your kid whatever you please but apparently local prosecutors in that area are permitted to present their case to the court and its up to the system to decide if it is worth pursuing.

The parents understandably didn’t attend the hearing but that didn’t stop the judge from ruling against their commitment to the name Nutella.

I guess we will never know if they accepted Ella as a worthy alternative. Either way we are willing to bet that their daughter most likely won’t be disappointed that her parents were forced to choose another name. Nutella is awesome for many reasons but answering to it may not be the best way to appreciate its benefits.