Steve Jobs Biopic – Christian Bale Out. Michael Fassbender In?

Movie deals are made and broken all the time but we sure didn’t see this one coming. After Aaron Sorkin made the announcement that Christian Bale was poised to portray Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in a biopic being helmed by Danny Boyle; news broke a week later that Bale opted out and now the search begins for his replacement.


Or maybe the search is over thanks to another capable actor Michael Fassbender, who is reportedly in talks to fill the void left by his predecessor. Actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck (not a good choice), and Matt Damon (and even worse choice) were all in the running but Sorkin only had eyes for Bale, whose departure surely left the veteran screenwriter heart broken. The reason for Bale dropping out wasn’t a dramatic one; the actor simply felt that he wasn’t inspired enough to deliver the top-notch performance we have come to expect and appreciate.

Michael Fasssbender definitely has what it takes to bring this much sought after role to life but only time will tell if it all works in his favor.

We are waiting with bated breath!