Cover Trends: Lupita Nyong’o Stuns on the Cover of Glamour Magazine

As the year draws to a close, over-night sensation Lupita Nyong’o will surely reflect with heady nostalgia at the amazing ride she has had so far. Fashion darling, Oscar-winner, and endorsement favorite, she is literally the American dream and everyone is still in awe of the stunner, who won hearts after unbearably affecting performance in 12 Years a Slave.


She was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful this past spring and her career is also in full gear after landing gigs in two high-profile films – The Jungle Book and Star Wars: Episode VII.

Despite all the never-ending accolades and enviable exposure, the gorgeous 31-year old is still trying to find her footing and adjust to the intensity of her success which has forced her into the spotlight and irrevocably transformed her life. The Mexican born Kenyan actress who graduated from Yale with a master’s degree back in 2012 has always had a knack for attracting deliciously complex roles with depth and purpose. Her first major job was starring in the popular African soap opera Shuga, which tackled a range of issues including rape and AIDS. She also sat in the director’s chair for a project that shed light on the discriminatory practices against albinos in Kenya. And most recently it was confirmed that she will be partnering again with Brad Pitt as his film company Plan B Entertainment has acquired the rights to adapt Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Americanah into a film that will star Nyong’o as Ifemelu, a spirited Nigerian woman who moves to America and blogs about her experience adapting to a new culture.


We have to assume that Nyong’o’s effortless style and “brains and beauty” combo inspired her latest honor – Glamour Woman of the Year for 2014. It is well deserved and appropriate considering the influence she has had on young women all over the world who see the stunning actress as a worthy role model.

Her delicate features and velvety dark skin are hard to ignore and she has perfected the art of dutifully highlighting them. She does admit a time when she wasn’t comfortable with her now world-famous features but the support of her mother and maturity has helped her feel more comfortable in her skin. The endless adulation certainly doesn’t hurt either.

One thing is for sure – Lupita Nyong’o is definitely no flash in the pan – she is here to stay and we are so happy to have her!

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