Trendy TV Report: HBO Adds African-American Comedy ‘Bros’ to Roster

When it comes to diversity in the industry, there is still a long way to go before the playing fields are somewhat even, but lately it seems that a remarkable effort is being made to accommodate actors of color into the mainstream, particularly in television.


Shonda Rhimes has been quite successful in her bid to transform ABC Thursdays into a colorful wonderland and it looks like other networks are willing to take a chance when it comes to their choice of shows.

HBO just announced its latest acquisition – Bros – a comedy that centers around three African-American brothers, two of whom are straight while the other one is gay. The story will focus on their pursuits of love and fulfillment in Los Angeles and how the differences in personalities affect the way they relate one another.

The 12-minute presentation delivered by writer Cory Jones, director Anthony Hemingway and his producing partner Mark Taylor cinched the deal. Both Hemingway and Taylor will serve as executive producers.

No word yet when the show is scheduled to air but this one we will be sure to keep our eyes on.