He Lives! Kit Harington Says “Sorry” to Fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ and Confirms Return

After much speculation and long-winded anguish – fans of HBO’s wondrous hit – Game of Thrones were finally allowed to exhale with glee at the re-emergence of one of the most beloved TV characters in recent memory.

Kit Harington who plays Jon Snow – the unfortunate warrior that met his very bloody end last season – was brought back to life by the sorceress Melisandre this past Sunday – and his return inspired an avalanche of pure joy on social media as the mighty word spread like an uncontrollable virus.


There was every indication to believe that Harington’s vital role on the show that has become a global phenomenon would somehow be revived – especially after the damning photo that showed him arriving in the country where the show is filmed was leaked last year.

The evidence stubbornly convinced those in denial that they were not wrong in their assessment.

The producers and with the unwavering aid of Harington managed to pull off the ultimate cover up and as the actor douses the cover of Entertainment Weekly as part of his “coming out” tour – he not only apologizes for being forced to deceive his fans – but also reveals that Jon Snow will be quite visible this season.

“It’s a massive season for Jon, it’s his biggest season for him so far.”

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