Trendy Fashion Report: Designer Vivienne Westwood Gets Witchy for the Opera

British designer Vivienne Westwood has found her calling in mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato, who is currently starring in Alcina at Carnegie Hall.

Westwood who is beloved for her stylized rendition of the fantastical, thanks to her operatic approach to her offerings, has been commissioned to outfit DiDonato, which seems like the perfect assignment for the clothing sculptress who shared some of her sketches to those who care.


We care! And the immaculately conceived costumes are a testament to the designer’s intricacy when it applies to the detailing and structuring of her garments.

Westwood expectedly drew her inspiration from the witch Alcina who has a habit of transforming the people on her island into animals. The gown was instituted to help dramatize the complex nature of Alcina through the hues of the murky sea stewed in green moss and the blends of silver with stark fish-tale appliqué.


There are also three distinctive layers and each one is revealed as the story progresses to accommodate the production’s three acts.

It is not hard to imagine how breathtaking the gowns must be in person – but for now we will settle for the gratifying preview.