Trendy Notes: Beyonce Downsizes and I Like It!


So unless you have been buried under molasses, you must have heard and seen the evidence linked to Beyonce’s new haircut.




The images clogged the internet as soon as they were released and truth be told, she looks absolutely gorgeous. But most importantly she looks surprisingly normal and relatable which is has never been an option when it comes to Mrs. Carter.

Beyonce’s cascading tresses, flawlessly orchestrated appearances, and blindingly perfected performances always made her seem inconsolably out of reach; like a starlit phoenix erupting from the sky with kinetic vigor.

Her billowing mane always maintained astute countenance and provided the supportive outlet needed to initiate her status as the ultimate diva.

But now that Queen B has unburdened the load she dutifully carried all these years, we can finally behold a woman in all her prime glory who looks surprisingly like us. Her refined features are patently framed without the backdrop of the curtain she relied on and dramatically tossed about with earnest. She is remarkably sedate and regal which is refreshingly divine.

As expected everyone has an opinion about the big chop, and the reception has been mixed. Some love it, while others pretend not to care and wonder what the big deal is, and then there is the group of hecklers who think the “new do” is ill conceived and makes her look ‘manly”. Yikes! Definitely proof that women are irrevocably committed to the idea that long hair is the only way to embody the heights of femininity.

Perhaps, Beyonce is responding to her relatively new maternal status or maybe she is getting older and realizes that it’s time to embrace the real thing now that it’s still reasonably intact.

Whatever the reason, it’s fascinating to behold the personal journey celebs take during the process of self-manifestation. It demonstrates the fact that just like you, change is always a welcomed treat.