Cover Trends – Oprah Goes BIG for O Magazine


Oprah Winfrey has never been content observing from the sidelines. The self-made mogul has pretty much dominated every genre available and it looks like she has found the time to return to her cinematic roots.



OWN has managed to make a miraculous recovery after almost a year on life support, so it makes sense that the former Queen of Daytime TV would find new projects to keep her creatively intertwined.

Her latest venture is the Lee Daniels’ helmed historical saga, The Butler, co-starring with Forest Whitaker, and early reception suggest that our latest Cover Girl might garner an Oscar nomination for her outstanding performance.

Perfection supposedly isn’t feasible, but we can all agree that Oprah challenges that logic.

She is now gracing the cover of her beloved magazine and looks absolutely fantastic sporting an impressively hefty 3.5-pound wig that was specially conceived by famed LA hair guru Kim Kimble at the behest of Winfrey’s long time stylist Andre Walker.

Nobody said looking beautiful was an easy task but it certainly takes more than brains and brawn; it takes dignity, grace and perseverance.

Ms. O has all of that and then some and her latest cover proves that she could literally rule the world.

Can you say D I V A!