Trendy Report: Jay-Z Ready to Drop Next LP, But first that Ad…


Jay-Z is hustling his way back in the game and he wants everyone to dial in and stay tuned – thanks to his innovatively inspired announcement that features a star crowded ad via cell phone.




Magna Carta Holy Grail is poised for a July 4th release but in the meantime you can revel in the anticipation with the likes of Pharrell Willimas, Timbaland, Rick Rubin and Swizz Beatz who are all willing participants in the three-minute Samsung production. There is also the promise of a special delivery for the first million eager fans and Samsung Galaxy subscribers who take on a specially mandated app – they get early access to the highly anticipated LP 72 hours early.

Jay-Z never kept his promise to fade to black and so it’s no real surprise that he has decided to entice us with a compilation of his thematic career that will no doubt provide a nostalgic overview of a brimming legend in the making.

Samsung users can get their fill by heading to for a first taste