Cover Trends: Rihanna Gorgeously Gives Vogue Magazine Her ‘World’ Tour

Rihanna has always excelled at playing by her own rules and based on her enviable trajectory – it’s obvious that the ability to be her biggest cheerleader has been a rewarding experience.

She is currently Vogue’s latest obsession and in the pages she magnificently brings to life – the Bahamian superstar opens up about the ride of her life thus far and why things are only going to get better.


She just recently dropped her latest LP – Anti which happens to be the first album she’s released in quite awhile. Seven years to be exact. After feeding fans with yearly goodies – the candy train stopped without warning – another indication that the 28-year-old singer needed to remind us why she is irreplaceable.

Anti is an infectious offering bursting with healthy grooves that recall all the genres from decades past with the underlining perquisite of pop candy propelling each chord.

It has to be classified as her most ambitious effort to date and despite the bummer of having her tracks leaked by the streaming service she co-owns with her one time mentor Jay Z – the recovery time from Tidal’s supposed snafu also coincided with the release of Beyonce’s controversial national anthem – Formation which instantly became the talk of the globe and possibly the thorn in the side for RiRi.

But the current resident designer for Puma – who weathered the torrential downpour that blinded her after the tragic uncoupling with singer Chris Brown – has no time to entertain the notion that she is being pitted against Jay Z’s other half.

She goes into reflective mode as she calmly dismisses the rumblings of the always viable Internet – “Here’s the deal, they just get so excited to feast on something that’s negative”. “Something that’s competitive. Something’s that’s, you know, a rivalry. And that’s just not what I wake up to. Because I can only do me. And nobody else is going to be able to do that.”


It is absolutely accurate that nobody can do it the way Rihanna can and it’s hard to imagine that anyone would ever dare to test that fact – even Queen Bey herself.

Rihanna’s ability to create and decimate effortlessly and without allegiance to any particular path except the blueprint she is still drafting to perfection, started early according to her mother’s testimony, “You never knew what she would want”. “One time she wanted to have pants, another time she wanted to have a lot of frills. Always changing . Always switching it up. She’s always been like that”.

Perhaps this ability to fresh and refresh is the reason why global brand Puma has Rihanna to thank for sudden and much needed surge in sales – a direct result of their fruitful collaboration which opened the door for more opportunities with Manolo Blahnik and Christian Dior.


Rihanna is basically winning in more ways than one and even though her stance when it comes to being the designated role model – remains cautiously neutral – she can’t escape the realization that being the dopest women in the game will encocurage legions of young girls to aspire for greater heights.

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