Trendy Weekly Titbits: Halle Berry, Kim Kardashian and Nene Leakes Dissected


The week has come to a stormy end for those of us in NYC but that doesn’t stop us from keeping up with our favorite celebs.

It was announced that Real Housewives of Atlanta’s very own Nene Leakes just renewed her contract and in the process she has become a very rich BITCH. Leakes is guaranteed to make at least $1 million in bonuses and salary.



This makes the original RHOA diva the highest paid cast member, but most importantly it re-affirms the fact that she is valid TV star. Her flourishing love affair with Ryan Murphy has resulted in colorful roles in Glee and The New Normal. But despite success outside of her Bravo home, Leakes is a loyalist and refuses to turn her back on the show that served as the catalyst for her present success.

And clearly, Bravo views the now certified talent as a vital piece of the chaotic puzzle, so it’s a win wins for both parties.

Only time will tell how this very public anointing will affect the other housewives, but for now Nene Leakes remains the Queen Bee!


Another headliner is Halle Berry’s surprise pregnancy, which was unveiled in full capacity literally minutes after the announcement.  The 46-year-old actress who is attached to equally hot French actor Olivier Martinez was pleasantly surprised when she discovered she was with child. So far, Berry is holding up incredibly well, considering her fragile state, as she makes her global trek to promote her newest flick, The Call.

One particularly striking ensemble was debuted during the Brazil premiere, it was gorgeously divine satin and lace gown that revealed a burgeoning bump housed in a svelte and toned silhouette.

Halle Berry is officially on our stalker list until whenever!


Another famous mom-to-be also made a very public appearance this week but not for good reasons. Kim Kardashian maneuvered her growing bump to the courthouse on Friday morning in LA, to hash it out with estranged hubby Kris Humphries but unfortunately it looks like the May 6th trial will take place as scheduled since Humphries was a no show.

It certainly can’t be easy to be married to one man while being preggers for another (Kanye West), but that doesn’t mean your fashion sense should be tossed out the window. She might be the most beautiful of all the Kardashian gals, but lately she seems to be grappling with her growing and protruding situation. Her courtroom ensemble is demure enough but weighs down her small frame and ages her tremendously. Her motto moving forward should be LEGS LEGS LEGS! Anything to make her look elongated and sleek.

Sister Khourtney who is a veteran in the mommy department needs to start dishing out sister advice – Stat!