Trendy Fashion Report: Roger Vivier Lets the Shoes out of the Bag


Every little step we take can either be torturous or heavenly depending on what you decide to encase your feet in.



Legendary shoe architect Roger Vivier has a new book that vividly illustrates and depicts a career that has superbly spanned decades with iconic names like Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and even the Queen of England permanently etched in memory lane.

The 340-page stunner is literally an interactive museum with images of vintage fare mixed in with erected tributes and contributions from brand ambassador Ines de la Fressange and other global editorial constituents like Virginie Mouzat, the fashion director for French staple Le Figaro.

It’s a celebration of the man who legitimized the term “happy feet” and allowed his visionary instincts to help produce “the buckle” and “comma heels’. It’s a parade of fabulousness and visual splendor but most of all it’s a testament to the true genius of a futuristic talent who refused to color between the lines.

Check out a preview below!