Trendy TV: Blood, Sweat and Heels is Bravo’s Newest Entree


Bravo, seems to be continuing their domination of the Reality TV genre. The Real Housewives franchise was their winning lotto ticket, and they have managed to parlay that success into a bevy of shows that tend to dramatize the lives of ordinary people trying to maintain and in some cases enhance their already comfortable existence.


Their new installment, Blood Sweat and Heels is scheduled to air January 5th 2014, and it will feature a group of African-American women who are juggling career, relationships and shopping bags in the city that never sleeps. Sound familiar? It’s too early to speculate, but this could very well be the real life version of Sex and the City.

Bravo’s newest family members are Brooklyn-based blogger and author, Demetria Lucas, fashion and style expert, Daisy Lewellyn, former video vixen turned realtor, Melyssa Ford, her partner in crime, Brie Blythewood, modeling agency owner Mica Hughes and pop culture journalist Geneva S. Thomas.

Anyone who is familiar with these ladies probably won’t expect a show filled with yelling matches, flying objects or embarrassing meltdowns.

But in the world of Reality TV, anything goes, and judging from the previews, it looks like it will definitely be a drama filled season.