Trendy Report: Bravo’s Fashion Queens is Ready, Set and Roaring to Go!


Bravo is clearly gearing up for a new season filled with lots of drama and DRAMA QUEENS or should we say FASHION QUEENS.



This Sunday, March 17th at 11:30pm, viewers will be treated to the vibrant reverie courtesy of media maven and bona fide fashionista, Bevy Smith, and Atlanta’s resident hair wizards, Derek J and Miss Lawrence.

All three personalities have experienced a level of success with and beyond Bravo and as far we can tell, this is brilliant casting that will make for MUST SEE TV.

This will be a three-episode series and the LOLs are bound to keep rolling as we take in the hilarity emanating from  the convo that will center on celebrity fashion and style trends across the globe.

It’s mighty hard not to be excited about this much-anticipated project and VP of Development and Original Programming for Bravo summed up the main reason why the network dreamed up this magical trio, “Bravo viewers have loved watching Derek J and Miss Lawrence tell it like it is for years on our air, so when we saw the opportunity to pair them with Bevy Smith, whose fashion point of view we’ve always admired, we jumped at the opportunity”.

We can’t wait to tune in tomorrow to take in all the fabulosity and scandalicious notations!

To catch a glimpse of Fashion Queens, click here