Trendy Fashion Report: Beyonce is H&M’s Summer Romance


Beyonce is having a very good year! Her high-tempo performance at the Super Bowl catapulted into Super Woman status and now she is about to star in a considerably less inflammable production.



After months of speculation, newly released images now confirm that the self-appointed diva will be featured in an upcoming campaign, implemented by Swedish retailer H&M.

This newest collaboration is being spearheaded by the singer’s current impulse to hype up her marital status. The concept is summarized under the headline, “Beyonce as Mrs. Carter in H&M”. Both parties agreed that this adequately defines the temperament of the modern day woman, strong yet vulnerable, sensually playful and maternally sound.

Beyonce expressed her delight at being elected for the visually capable project and of course showing up for duty in the Bahamas must have presented her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

The shoot fed off of the inspiring elements of fire, water, earth and wind and judging by the easy breezy nature of the silhouettes, it looks like all the themes were gorgeously captured.

Of course as with every campaign comes a TV ad, and the expectations are mounting as we learn that Jonas Akerlund will be helming with aid from Beyonce’s new track, Standing On The Sun.