Trendy Fashion Report: Marion Cotillard Strikes a Pose for Dior


We have officially entered campaign season and the race is off to a good start as the images of our favorite celebs are plastered in stewed magnificence, all in the name of engaging our fleeting interests.



France’s most prized possession; actress Marion Cotillard is exalting the House of Dior in a series of ads that show her in seductive mode as she longingly gazes at the luxuriously textured totes.

Cotillard’s demure stance and vividly defined profile articulately captures the allure of some of Hollywood’s most glamorous screen goddesses at a time when beauty was quintessentially personified and appropriately adulated.

You can expect to gaze at Cotillard in all her splendor when the ads are featured in the May 2013 issue of Vanity Fair.