Trendy Report: Beyonce’s Gimme a Break Campaign


Despite the ferocity of the media regarding her lip-synching scandal at President Obama’s Inauguration ceremony a week ago, Beyonce has remained respectably quiet about the scandalous affair.



Perhaps, she realizes that her time could be better invested in her upcoming assignment.  The Super Bowl is merely a week away and Jay-Z’s royal consort has released images via instagram as evidence of the blood, sweat and tears being pumped into ongoing rehearsals in New Orleans.



Of course she couldn’t resist a visual crusade on her behalf so she dons a sweatshirt with the words “Can I Live?” splattered on it. It is also genius that her husband has a song with the same title from his Reasonable Doubt album.

There is no doubt that the pressure is on for Beyonce to make her Feb. 3rd showcase an appropriate FUCK YOU to all her detractors.

For now all we can say to those in the hot seat next Sunday is GAME ON.