Trendy Report: JJ Abrams is headed for a Galaxy Far, Far Away


One of Hollywood’s formidable heavyweights who birthed a cocoon of TV and film credits that have undeniably intensified his studio credibility has landed the ultimate honor courtesy of the Godfather of the solar system – George Lucas.



It has been announced and confirmed that Abrams will indeed implement Episode VII of the Star Wars saga, a mission that even he was reluctant to embark on.

Thankfully Kathleen Kennedy, the Queen Bee at both Disney and Lucasfilm was determined to entrap Abrams confident that he was the only worthy candidate for this particular endeavor. Apparently she won him over and now the Star Trek and Mission Impossible III director with the blessing of George Lucas is ready to inherit a legacy bloated with global prestige and embellishments.

Release date has been projected for sometime in 2015, and all we can hope for is that we are still alive to see the finalized gem.