Trendy Pop Report: Adele, Charlotte Rampling and Vanessa Paradis are Busy Bees


2013 is proving to be a satisfying vice for some of our favorite celebs that have managed to secure creatively lucrative gigs that will no doubt cast an even brighter light on their illuminating career.



Flawless songbird Adele, took some time off to have a baby and nurture her domestic aptitude and now she is back and ready to accommodate all the accolades following her gorgeously simulating hymn for the latest installment in the 007 franchise, Skyfall. Her song, which bares the same title, won a Golden Globe a couple of weeks ago and might be bequeathed the same honor at the Academy Awards in a few weeks. But most importantly, she will be performing the affecting tune at the ceremony on February 24th, which will also signify the first time since the British songstress has publicly exercised her vocal cords since she wowed us at The Grammys last year.

She is up against selections from Les Miserables, Ted, life of Pi and Chasing Ice.

Our bet is on Adele!

We are also elated to report that British actress Charlotte Rampling, who ravaged the 60’s and 70’s with her stirring beauty and iridescent talent has landed an opulent role on Showtime’s hit series Dexter. The proposed final season which premieres June 30th will feature Rampling as a neuro-psychiatrist who based on her unique experience will undoubtedly prove to be a worthy adversary for the multi-faceted Dexter Morgan. This is genius casting! We can’t wait to see how the storyline unfolds as we take in the energetic sparring between two intensely pragmatic characters.


Finally we turn to the fashion world, where Johnny Depp’s former lady love will be featured as the face of H&M’s eco-friendly spring 2013 line.

Paradis has always been an active environmentally conscious shopper, which is probably why she scored her recent gig with the Swedish retailer.

The eco-conscious campaign will also extend its branches to public consumers who are ready to part ways with their neglected garments. You can drop them off at any of the local stores near you.

Looking good and feeling good is a winning combo.