Cover Trends: Adele Strikes a Pose for Vogue

So far singer Adele is having a very good year and enjoying the fruits of her labor. She brought the house down and garnered a standing ovation at this past Sunday’s Grammy Awards thanks to the awe-inspiring performance of her signature hit, Rolling In The Deep.

She proved beyond any doubt that her prized procession is still intact despite recently undergoing major surgery to help restore her damaged vocal chords.

And now she is showcasing her modeling chops in the March issue of Vogue Magazine, a publication that makes no allowances for average sized citizens. Until now. Not only does the Someone Like You crooner grace the cover, she is also showcased in a number of stunning shots that vividly capture the luminosity of a star whose future continues to shine ever so brightly.

Despite the negative comments made by Karl Lagerfeld concerning the sensitive “weight issue”,  Adele seems to be quite content with her size and has no problem flaunting her generous frame for the world to see and for a magazine that caters to millions around the world.

Rumor has it that she might be considering a 5 year hiatus to focus on all things Adele. For her fans that will seem like an eternity but at just 23 years of age, time is definitely on her side.