Trendy Fashion Report NYFW: Laura Smalls Fall 2012 Presentation

Designer Laura Smalls treated her audience to an enchanting world of wonderment and exploratory innocence with her Fall 2012 Presentation, appropriately named “American Plains Princess” at The Empire Hotel in NYC this past Wednesday.

Smalls allowed her Native American heritage to seep through her collection as each piece effortlessly and astoundingly evoked the rich cultural semblance of a culture that continues to inspire images rife with raw beauty and vibrancy.

Each of the pieces captured the simple elegance of endlessly lush landscapes and impressionably decadent skies transposed into versatile and ultra feminine dresses with heights of functionality.

The palettes were bold and earthy and consisted of variations of gold, teal, saffron, red, and black. There were also splashes of whimsical patterns, all encased in a mixture of animal print and leather.

Smalls has honed in her skills when it comes to being detail oriented and elevating the power of the female form.

The sky is the limit for this incessantly talented designer!