Sikh Actor Waris Ahluwalia Finally Boards A Flight Home After Being Rejected For Wearing A Turban

Actor Waris Ahluwalia is just another casualty in a pile up of innocent citizens who pose no threat but unfortunately have to bear the burden that comes with outwardly practicing their religion.


Ahluwalia, who starred in The Grand Budapest Hotel was ordered to remove his turban before advancing past the security point to board an AeroMexico flight.

The Sikh actor did his best to explain why that would go against his religion, which requires him to wear a turban in public, but there was apparently no hope for an amicable outcome.

Ahluwalia was forced to miss his flight and instead made the decision to stay in Mexico City despite the option to choose alternative flights from other airlines because of his need to demonstrate how and why his experience warrants relevant attention.

The fact that he was purposely barred from boarding his flight because of the threat his turban posed to passengers seemed to be the perfect opportunity to expose the blatant bigotry that people who practice his religion face at alarming rates.

His steadfast defiance paid off and eventually AeroMexico issued an official apology on its website – which contained enough proof that the unfortunate incident never should have transpired. There was also the promise to “ensure that security personnel strengthen its care protocols, always respecting the cultural and religious values of customers”.

Ahluwalia finally boarded a flight back home after acknowledging that the apology was a “brilliant first step”.

This isn’t the first time passengers who fit the stereotypes of Islamic persuasion have been harassed or humiliated based on their faith – and sadly it won’t be the last.