Let Us Count The Ways. 7 Reasons Why We Will Always Love Paul Walker

Furious 7 is officially the IT movie of 2015. There is no way around it. Aside from the gorgeous multi-ethnic cast and the global trotting, The Fast and the Furious franchise was born of the basic essentials; the love of fast cars, adventure, and most of all family.


The latter has become the driving force for these movies and 14 years later, it has been confirmed that having gang stick together through thick and thin is a winning formula that will never lose steam.

But what happens when a beloved member of the tribe tragically vanishes without a trace? There are so many valid reasons why the seventh installment of the Fast franchise shouldn’t have been completed. But miraculously, the death of golden boy Paul Walker who literally dreamed up the concept for one of the most globally successful franchises ever only served as the inspiration for a film that is currently shattering the box office and showcasing him embodying his role in a way that will forever cement his legacy.

The whole world is celebrating Walker’s immense contribution while also mourning his loss but even before the unthinkable, the California self-professed California surfer was a recognized dreamboat. Some of us fell in love after we peeped him back in 1998 in the collegiate film, The Skulls, but most likely you were done after Varsity Blues, or maybe you joined the party later when he showcased his bodily skills in Into the Blue.

Paul Walker was simply too good to be true, and those types don’t normally last for too long. He had an awesome run and even though we wish we had been given the opportunity to observe his later years, we can’t help but be grateful that such a graceful creature existed.

In honor of the film that was erected in his honor, we can’t help but list the reasons why the man who will forever be the quintessential “All-American Hottie” captured the hearts of many now and forever.

  • He’s gorgeousness was both inside and out – The California bred actor and model was a blue-eyed beauty who could have allowed his looks to dictate his every move but Walker wasn’t made that way. Testimonies of his easy going temperament and generous spirit has been the long running theme since his demise. But the proof lies in ROWW (Reach Out Worldwide) the non-profit organization when he realized that there was a need for efficient first responders in disaster-torn areas. The video below during his press rounds for Davidoff will give you life

  • He was Furiously down to earth – Paul Walker rejected the Hollywood stereotype till the end. He should have been an unforgivable asshole but thankfully he wasn’t built that way. He was refreshingly accommodating and probably took more photos with fans than any celebrity on the planet. This guy had a hard time saying no. The evidence of his accessibility is evident in the video below where we see the blue-eyed beauty indulge a no-name journalist at Pike Peak in Colorado.

  • He gave us The Fast and the Furious – Yep! The franchise that refuses to die was dreamed up by Walker after the studio heads at Universal asked the rising star what he would like to next when it was obvious they were in the presence of greatness. The blond-haired hunk relied on his instincts and offered the idea of starring in a movie that would depict him as an undercover cop navigating the world of illegal street racing. A year later, The Fast and the Furious was initiated and the rest as they say is ongoing.

  • He genuinely loved his fans – Most celebrities can’t be bothered with the attention they garner and they make that pretty clear, but Paul Walker was different. He absolutely adored and stayed loyal to the people who embraced him as Brian O’Connor. He preferred to be called Brian than Paul because it suggested the significance of the franchise he brought to life. His affiliation with the generation that validated his popularity is the reason why even after his departure – he still remains a force to be reckoned with.

  • He was too beautiful for words – What can we say – Paul Walker was painfully beautiful and he knew it. The fact that he was aware of his physical superiority and still remained grounded makes him even more irresistible. In every film Walker’s blue eyes and tousled blond locks gave him leverage, which he maximized with caution. He never took advantage – preferring to cast the attention away from him. But as hard as he tried, we couldn’t deny his immaculate appeal.

  • He was a reluctant movie star – It was the best-kept secret – but Walker was kind of geeky. He loved playing Dungeons and Dragons, taking photos of nature including chirping birdies and odd shaped petals. Show business wasn’t his thing but he rose to the occasion as a youngster to help his family get by. Walker did his time, even starring in soap operas like Young and the Restless.

  • He hunted sharks and wanted to make the world a better place – Again, Paul Walker loved the ocean and always wanted to pursue a career in marine biology, but his good looks derailed his goals but his passion never died. The boyish movie star found ways to stimulate his hobby by aligning with shows like Discovery’s Shark Men. Walker was featured as a deckhand as he plunged into the choppy waters in search of sharks. And oh, before we forget he also loved the discipline of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, he embraced its discipline and accredited his flawless physique to his devotion to it. We will always be thankful and humbled by his need to nourish his mind, body and soul.

He will be forever missed but we can’t deny that having him around was quite a ride!